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“I love how exercising changes how you feel inside and out.  My sessions will improve your strength and fitness but it’s more than that, it’s also about boosting your self confidence and emotional wellbeing. I want to make the people I work with feel amazing and empowered!”


Anya believes that fitness, nutrition and emotional well being are fundamental corner stones for optimal health and life balance. In her sessions she aims to educate and inspire her clients to achieve their individual goals through a range of cardio and resistance training.


With one-to-one training, your session will be tailored to suit your individual needs and goals. In the first free session, Anya will:-

  • Set a realistic goal
  • Explain how it will be achieved
  • Take you through some exercises to assess how your body moves and what level of fitness you are
  • Discuss your nutrition and what changes need to be made to reach your goal

Sessions will revolve around a mixture of strength training, HIIT training, cardio, resistance training and boxercise, using equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, medicine balls, swiss balls as well as your own body. Although these sessions are one-to-one, if you would like to train with a partner then that can be arranged too.

The first session is complimentary with no obligation to continue. Sessions can then be booked in blocks:

  • 5 sessions £300 (£60 per session)
  • 10 sessions £550 (£55 per session)

Pre & Post Natal

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t exercise whilst pregnant and there have been many recent studies which show that exercise can be extremely beneficial, as active women are less likely to experience problems in late pregnancy and during labour. Anya makes it her aim to help you reach your due date with as much function, strength and mobility as possible.

After having a baby, it is incredibly important that you ease yourself gently back into exercising. It can be very tempting to rush back to the gym after giving birth, but you run the risk of doing permanent damage to your pelvic floor and core if you’re exercising incorrectly.

Pre-natal and post natal sessions are designed around building up your strength so you can easily cope with the physical demands of being a mum such as lifting and carrying car seats, pushing loaded up buggies and carrying heavy toddlers for long distances when they refuse to walk! Clients are also coached on how to be aware of good alignment and movement patterns, not just when they’re exercising but through the various physical tasks that make up the day for example, squatting to pick up the baby from the floor or deadlifting the baby into the cot.

If you’re a new mum you’re more than welcome to bring your baby along to the session should you need to. Anya has undertaken two courses specialising in training pre and post natal clients and is also a mum herself so understands any difficulties that might be faced, from a personal point of view.


Even if weight loss isn’t your goal, eating the right foods is crucial for your energy levels, mood and sense of wellbeing.  There have been studies linking a typical Western diet (processed meats, sugary foods etc.) with higher rates of stress, depression and anxiety.

Anya will help you with suggestions of healthy, delicious meals and snacks and give you advice for eating well if you lead a busy lifestyle.


The classes consist of various training methods such as fast & challenging HIIT training and fat burning intervals. The exercises are mostly based around the 5 basic movement patterns (squat, lunge, deadlift, push and pull) which simulate the way we get around in daily life. These movement patterns mean you’ll be using nearly all the muscles in your body, therefore expending maximum energy and burning maximum calories.

Classes are aimed at everyone including post natal mums, and people with all levels of fitness.


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  • I couldn’t recommend Anya enough

    I began sessions with Anya to get back into shape after having a baby. As a new mum I felt I needed support and guidance on how best to return to exercise and what would be most beneficial in my limited time available! Anya was understanding, encouraging and motivated me to push myself. I loved learning new exercises and using new equipment (all in the comfort of my own home whilst my daughter was napping!). Her nutritional advice was also extremely helpful. I went away on holiday 6 months post partum feeling much more confident. I couldn’t recommend Anya enough; she is approachable, understanding, reliable, focused and works you hard!

  • The sessions were tough but enjoyable

    I signed up to a 10 session plan with Anya when I decided it was time to get back in shape after having my first baby. Following an initial meeting to understand my goals, diet and current exercise routine she sent me a detailed breakdown of how I should change my diet to start the weight loss. It was realistic and achievable, taking into consideration I had a baby and life was busy. The PT sessions were tough but enjoyable, she gave me the motivation to push my-self as well as a giggle during some rare me time. The exercise programme she gave me outside of the 1 on 1’s was HIIT style so perfect to fit in during nap times. The progressive training and nutritional advice worked well and having completed my 10 session course I’ve lost just under a stone and several inches, I’m back in all my pre-pregnancy clothes (and some even fit better as I’ve changed shape as I’ve toned up). I’ve loved my time with Anya and would recommend her to anyone.

  • She doesn’t take it easy on me!

    Been training with Anya for almost a year now and she doesn’t take it easy on me! Had a big holiday to aim for and with Anya’s training sessions, food plans and varied workout plans I reached my goal.

  • I got into the best shape I had ever been in

    After failed attempts to lose weight independently, with a personal trainer and through a slimming group I started to train with Anya. Anya gave me the focus, direction, encouragement and motivation I needed to successfully achieve my goal; reviewing my diet, providing me with recipes for meals, training plans to complete between sessions and continuous support; her commitment and dedication to my goal was clear. Anya tailored sessions to my needs that were challenging but achievable and I learnt a lot about nutrition and exercise. What I achieved with Anya was far greater than I expected; not only did I lose the weight but my overall strength and fitness improved significantly and I got into the best shape I had ever been in. Subsequently I entered into a 10K run which I had never thought possible; Anya encouraged and gave me the belief I needed to succeed in this goal also, and ran it with me. I would recommend Anya as a trainer to anyone without reservation.

  • With her help, I shook up my workouts

    I have been training with Anya for about 3 months. When I came to her my workouts had become slightly stale, and I wasn’t too motivated. With her help, I shook up my workouts and got in shape for a big holiday.

  • The workouts were tailored to us

    Anya, thank you so much for helping us achieve fantastic results for our wedding! In just a few months your varied programmes, and nutritional advice, meant we both lost weight, toned up and felt brilliant on the big day. We were dreading personal training sessions and felt we weren’t very fit to start with, but you were so lovely, patient, tailoring the workouts to us, and challenged us increasingly each week. We ended up enjoying the sessions – despite aching the next day! – and would recommend anyone to give it a go.

  • She went above and beyond to get me back into shape

    I began training with Anya after my 6 week check following the birth of my baby by emergency caesarian. Anya was very knowledgeable about appropriate but effective post-natal exercises. As well as training me, she provided exercise plans by email and reviewed my food diaries each week. She really went above and beyond to help me to get back into shape. Anya was also very good at distracting my baby whilst I exercised, which was very helpful!

  • I really look forward to our sessions

    Anya is a great personal trainer, who takes the time to understand my needs and goals. She comes to each session very prepared with a programme that is really varied and pushes me. Anya spurs me on each week and has the perfect balance of strictness when I need a kick or compassion to motivate me.
    After training for five months, my attitude and approach towards exercise has changed and I find myself really looking forward to our sessions.

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Workout of the week

Squat and dumbbell shoulder press x 12
Dynamic alternating lunges x 20
Dumbbell pullovers x 12
Dumbbell chest press x 12
Fast mountain climbers x 40
Dumbbell bicep twist curls x 12

Rest for 1 minute and repeat 4 times

Heeltaps x 20
Plank x 1 minute

Rest for 1 minute and repeat twice